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Aswan City


Aswan is a Nubian city

in the south of Egypt situated on the east bank of the Nile stream associated with Cairo with train stations, railroads and homegrown flights,its the populace practically around 900,000, The city of Aswan is around 85 meters above ocean level, it is 879 km from Cairo, and its region around 34,608 km2.

Aswan City
Aswan City

The city otherwise called the place that is known for gold since it resembled an immense necropolis for the pharaohs and their fortunes for millennia. The firsts of Aswan are the Nubian addressing 30% of the residents and they communicate in their Nubian language the rest are Arabs who came after the Islamic attack communicating in the Arabic language. we have made a whole blog about the Nubian towns and culture. go look at it.

Aswan is the place where there is excellence and enchanting, the symbol of the center east, portrayed by its the warm environment and uncommon plant islands, likewise there's rock Nile islands around the city reached out from the high dam toward the north of Edfu, certain individuals of the Nubian towns and islands depends on cultivating and hand tailored things as a wellspring of residing and some previously occurred in legislative positions, not just the primary city of Aswan that has full administrations yet in addition, the encompassing islands given by medical clinics, schools, and transportations, a portion of the islands are uninhabited in light of the fact that it's viewed as an archeological regions like the crocodile island and huge island which was a district connecting the South and the North in the exchange among Egypt and the remainder of Africa. Aswan likewise thought to be as the principal door of southern Egypt close to Luxor city and a tremendous conservative hotspot for the country.

Aswan City

Why was called Aswan by this name?

Aswan was known as "Sono" in the old Egyptians, meaning the market, as it was an exchanging community for convoys coming to and from Nubia.

Then, in the Ptolemaic time frame, it was designated "Sin" and the Nubians referred to it as "Yeba Swan".

It was otherwise called the nation of gold since it was an extraordinary fortune or burial ground for the rulers of Nubia who lived there for millennia. Also, the lines of Aswan stretched out before the movement from Asna in the east to the boundaries of Sudan in the south, and its occupants were Nubians, yet after the Islamic success of Nubia, some Arab clans lived in it.

Tourist attractions in Aswan

Notwithstanding the lavishness of nature in the Egyptian city, Aswan is brimming with the antiquated pharaonic human progress and numerous touristic objections including pharaonic, Islamic, and Nubian.

  • The Upper Dam
  • The Aswan repository
  • The Tabiya Mosque
  • The Nile Museum
  • The Princess Ferial Park
  • The West Suhail region
  • The Nile Islands
  • kom Ombo sanctuary
  • The twin sanctuary of Abu Simbel

furthermore, a few regions on the banks of the Nile in Aswan is a fascination for the vacationer who visits the city to rehearse the side interest of swimming, regardless of the profundity of water along the course of the stream, however portions of it is reasonable for swimming, and cruising boats likewise, as well as movement to visit the islands of plants, galleries, and sanctuaries on the islands of the center of the waterway, for example,

  • The Temple of Philae
  • Philae Island

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